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2014 Jim A. Harden
We can show you how!
These are more than just plans, these are step by step instructions that walk you through the build!
These are more than just plans, these 
are step by step instructions that 
walk you through the build!
How would you like to save a bundle of money on your lumber costs?
4 Stroke Engine or Chainsaw Powerhead!
~you can cut all the lumber you want including large timbers that are really expensive.
~you can cut frame lumber, trim lumber, cabinet lumber, & project lumber.
~if you own timberland use those logs laying around on the ground to make lumber.
~you can make a part time income selling lumber cut from free logs.
With your own sawmill.....
With these sawmill plans & a few parts that are available locally, you can have your own chainsaw mill or 4 stroke engine sawmill capable of cutting the lumber you need.
Just basic welding & building skills are necessary. If you already have a ladder & a chainsaw or 4 stroke engine, then just build the mill and your off and running. No ladder? No problem, because you can build your own track from steel components or just pick up a cheap, used ladder at a garage sale. What I love about this mill is that it takes a very small investment, it can be built for under $175 using your chainsaw powerhead or $400 using a new 4 stroke engine (or buy a used lawnmower & transfer the engine & save even more money!). I wanted the mill to save me a lot of money in lumber costs with little out of pocket. If you don't have a welder, a cheap way to get the mill built is to cut the parts yourself, which can be done with a circular saw & a circular saw steel cutting wheel and find a part-time welder to do the welding.
1)The plans are emailed only in a PDF format.
2)Nothing is mailed to you, thus keeping the price down
3)Plans are 34 pages + 18 more pages for the 4 stroke engine build
4)The plans contain over 125 color photos
5)The mill works best with saws 70cc+ or a 6hp+ 4-stroke engine
6)The plans contain a materials list, saving you a lot of time
7)The completed mill rolls along the ladder on bearings
8)The log dogging system secures the log firmly in place
9)The carriage winds the sawhead up & down the vertical shaft
10)Largest diameter log that can be cut is 20" however, this can be expanded easily by making the log bed wider & using a longer chainsaw bar.
11)The log length can only be limited by your ladder or home made rail system.
12)Includes plans for the mini-sawhorses seen in the photos
13)Includes tips for sawing & maintaining your sawblades
14)Includes the part numbers needed for the 4-stroke engine build
15)If you have a question during the build, just email me, I'm here to help
Here are some of the Facts for the Plans:
Purchase the emailed version of the chainsaw mill plans HERE
A copy of the plans
will be emailed to
the email address
provided by Paypal
within 24 hours of purchase.
The current price of the bigger chainsaws are around $1000! Using a 4-stroke engine on the mill saves hundreds of dollars compared to buying a big chainsaw. Do the math!
4 Stroke Engine Powerhead
4 Stroke Engine Powerhead
Texas Residents,
$40 + $2.70 Tax for a Total of $42.70
Non-Texas Residents,
$40 Total
Order the chainsaw mill plans & receive FREE plans to build a log
arch / toter!
Home of the $400 Sawmill
International orders are welcomed, but
keep in mind that you will have to convert the measurements to metric if that is your country's standard in measuring.
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